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Taxi transfer to Piran

Booking Taxi transport or transfer service to Piran from airport Ljubljana.Pre-order Ljubljana airport tansfer low cost service,business transportation to top hotels in Piran - transfer to airbnb in Piran resort.


Ljubljana airport Taxi transfer to Piran - The most beautiful town on the Slovenian coast grew with the help of salt. The Piran salt pans, where the world-class fleur de sel (flower of salt) is still produced today using age-old methods, were the reason why the picturesque Mediterranean walled town, with its church with a view and cultural attractions, flourished.

Piran is the most beautiful town on the Slovenian coast

The old port town with remnants of a medieval wall is protected as a cultural and historical monument. Narrow streets with closely constructed houses descending from the hill and its church to the central square on the coast only emphasise its Mediterranean character. This worldly coastal town, which developed under the influence of Venice, is considered to be one of the most authentic and most photogenic towns on the Adriatic coast. In addition to architecture, the Maritime Museum, an aquarium and other attractions, visitors flock to this town to enjoy events, the culinary offerings, and nearby special natural features.


Online book order Taxi transfer to Piran from Ljubljana airport - taxi price already from 110 eur for a car

Do you have a congress in Piran??

We do not provide shuttle service to Piran, but it may happen that our transfer service is cheaper than the shuttle carriers located at the airport,especially if there are more passengers in the car or van vehicle and the whole amount of the carriage is shared among passengers.

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